Saturday, December 1, 2012

Shaving with Evangelion figures

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What do men’s facial shaving care products and Neon Genesis Evangelion have to do with each other? Nothing, but it doesn’t stop promotion teams from trying. As a matter of fact, I love promotions like this because I usually get something I usually wouldn’t buy otherwise for free without even trying. This is kind of old news, especially for those who are fans of the Evangelion series or live here in Japan. Anyway, let’s catch up!
I used to be a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion while I was in high school, way, way back in the late 90s but had since moved on from the series. But now there is a re-release of the classic series in theaters every year or so, so there are tons of promotions like the shaving cream one that pop up all over the place. I guess Evangelion has found a place in Japanese society and doesn’t seem to have a cloud of nerdiness about it as it might have when it was still a new thing. That’s cool I guess.

2012-07-14 16.10.40 2012-07-14 16.10.28

Ever since summer of this year I’ve seen nearly all drugstores and even some convenience stores I’ve visited have a special section decorated all for this particular promotion. I really like how the only guy in the series who has a beard, Gendo Ikari, has it shaved off and he’s uncharacteristically smiling as well. They even got the scruffy Kaji to clean up his act. It’s really funny to see stuff like that after all these years of remembering him as a frigid father figure in name only to one of the lead cast members in the TV series he’s in.
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So eventually I caved in and ended up contributing to this particular campaign. I don’t need to buy shaving products all that often but I finally needed some shaving foam and got an Asuka Langley phone strap figurine with it. She’s proudly sitting as a decoration in my Christmas tree. Smile

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