Thursday, December 20, 2012

Suntory Caramel Brown


This one’s going to be a short and to the point review. The can’s design caught my eye and got me really excited at the possibility of a nice creamy non-beer, beer. From the picture above, you’d think that’s what to expect and it definitely delivers. I went into this not expecting much as it is a beer-like drink but I was optimistic for something good as these drinks have been improving over the years, especially 2012.


My first impressions of the alcoholic beverage when poured was that the color is spot-on from my expectations and what I saw in advertisements. It was exactly as the label described it, a rich, caramel brown. So judging by appearances, this drink really does emulate a dark beer exceedingly well. As for taste, it was bitter-sweet and went down well enough but it left my tongue feeling dry. I was expecting more of a syrupy feeling just by how it looked so this kind of added to the overall letdown. It really didn't have much of an aftertaste either but that's not necessarily a bad thing. If it weren’t for the dry after taste on my tongue I may have really been down with this drink. Maybe I’ll give it another shot since its so cheap but for now my decision stands that it’s not something I need to keep in my non-beer, beer circulation.

In the end, I'd say it's worth at least one shot if you're an adventurous fellow like myself always looking out for a cheaper alternative to the highly taxed beers in Japan. Trying new stuff is ALWAYS fun. Smile

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