Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweet! New phones! Samsung Galaxy SIIIs

DSCF0001After just over a year of carrying around “antique” smartphones, my wife and I agreed it was the right time to go shopping for something newer, and less prone to crashing. Our last phones were designed be NEC, and as it was their first foray into the smartphone market, it was a rough ride of lockups, resets, and unresponsive typing. The overall design of the Medias N-04C was nice as it was super slim and lightweight but it was most likely those features that really limited the phone’s capabilities.

So this time around, now armed with proper smartphone knowledge, we went shopping around for some new phones. My wife wanted the newest Sony Experia phone which is pretty good but a little to small and expensive for my liking, I was leaning toward the Galaxy line as they are the best of the Android bunch. Plus, that AMOLED display is incredible!



Well isn't that cute. The Medias is trying to look like a jelly-bean. Too bad it chokes on the home screen. Sad smile

After a few different shops and confusing price quotes, we ended up buying our phones from a local independent phone shop. Our phones were priced about the same as anywhere else but at this store we got 25,000 yen back in cash. The catch, and yes there was a catch, was that they installed a lot of paid subscription apps before they gave us our phones. This turned out to be ok though as we unsubscribed from all the apps immediately. So we’ll end up keeping about 22,000 of the original 25,000 yen. If were were smartphone newbies we might have been taken for a ride and that 25,000 would have been burnt up within about a few months. I suppose that’s always something to lookout for whenever you sign up at a franchise phone retail outlet.


So, we really like our new Samsung Galaxy SIIIs. They are incredibly responsive, fully featured, and aren’t much bigger than our last phone. We could’ve went with the stronger, new, quad core version of the SIII (SIIIalpha) or an equally powerful LG Optimus but we wanted to lower our phone bill, not raise it. I think we made the right decision though by balancing functionality with price.


  1. Good to know. J-wife and I had Docomo F-08b dumb-phones for over two years, and they suck! (And though known as the cheater's-phone in Japanese for their privacy settings, my life is too boring to care). No English menus beyond the basics, and NO PREDICTIVE TEXT in English, WTF?!

    I am looking for a Samsung, now that we know we are here longer. I assume it has predictive text... I know I can actually get an English manual, from Samsung's website, if not from Docomo. Docomo never gave me one for that phone, and I just found one online last month...

  2. Yeah DoCoMo is pretty unhelpful when it comes to English support on their older dumb phones but things have improved a lot since smartphones came around.

    Just about every smart phone or in Japan fully supports English as Japan doesn't have any lead in this race anymore. That would be LG and Samsung both Korean. Oh my how the mighty have fallen...

    Jabs aside, even if the phone you purchase doesn't support auto prediction out of the box out can be easily rectified by a free keyboard replacement app. Three galaxy S3 comes with both a competent English predictive keyboard and a just as gods Japanese one. They can be switched between instantly and for the most part I've been pretty satisfied.

    But the best key is to mess around with all the models to find out which suits your needs best. The only bug thing you need to consider along all models are battery size OS version over 4/ICS and price of course. You won't need any service data plan outside of the lowest flat rate one. The service will cost more than your old foma ones but its really worth it.