Friday, March 8, 2013

I’m swearin’ off the cheap stuff!


So, I am back on real beer, more specifically jibiru ( Japanese microbrews) and for the most part, my body and stomach have thanked me greatly for it. While I still will try out a new happoshu now and then, I am curbing my regular consumption of brands like mugitohop to save money and my waistline. Another big reason for this recent decision was that I've been inspired by a few readers and friends lately to try some Japanese microbrews and it's really been quite a treat. In the next few entries I plan to share some of my experiences with new jibiru and some new mega beer labels that came out this year. 

I also plan to add some general entries about life here and maybe even a few culture difference gripes if I'm in the right/wrong mood. So that's it for now. I'm still alive and am slowly coming out of my winter hibernation.

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  1. Well done, but there's never a good reason to drink 'happoushu', unless you are an alcoholic chain-smoker who's lost his job, his wife has left him, taken the kids and you do sleep under a bridge.