Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yona Yona Ale

Here's one of the first jibiru (Japanese microbrew) I've tried. I've gotten a little burnt out on the mega brews you can get anywhere at nearly the same price so I decided to follow the recommendation of one of my readers and try out a label called Yona Yona. This microbrew doesn't run cheap and set me back nearly 300 yen for a can.

Maybe it wasn't my night but the taste of this particular pale ale wasn't my thing. It was a little too bitter-sweet for my liking. I did appreciate the change in quality and presentation but in the end this one wasn't made for me. There are a couple other flavors available and I may try them eventually but for now I think I'll stick to Y/Ebisu for my Amber brew.

By no means is the beer bad it's just not my thing. Its at least worth a try but definitely not a daily drinker. Its just too expensive even for Japanese prices.


  1. "Too bitter-sweet"?! That's called hops!!

    1. That's the word I was looking for! It is a bit too heavy on the hops. God I feel ashamed of myself as a beer drinker. :( That will teach me not to blog from my phone.