Monday, September 2, 2013

Odd weather: tornadoes in Japan. Again?


I remember writing about something like this before on my blog. Tornadoes aren’t normal for Japan, especially ones that were as destructive as the tornadoes that touched down in Saitama and Chiba prefectures. This time, the tornadoes, especially the one that touched down in Saitama, was powerful enough to snap concrete telephone poles, push over super light weight (kei) vans, and rip roofs and siding off homes.


I’m glad it didn’t happen where I live. Earthquakes and floods are about the worst thing that can happen here… well I guess Mt. Fuji violently erupting would be the worst but I just don’t want to think about that one. Sorry about the pictures. I snapped them quickly off my TV with my smartphone. I’m sure by now there’s better footage on news outlets and YouTube by now.

IMG_20130902_172649 IMG_20130902_172614

IMG_20130902_172638 IMG_20130902_172607