Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween at the Vault 2013


It's been a couple years since I last visited the Vault or any bar near Kofu station. I enjoy the atmosphere of bars and live DJ clubs but in Japan in just not as excited to go. It probably has a lot to do with the amount of trouble just to get out there, the price of drinks and food (think baseball game), and the fact I'm a dad with a son who's less than 2 years old. Well this year I decided to try my luck at schmoozing again at this year's Halloween celebration at the Vault on Saturday the 26th.

The place was packed, even more than I remember it being in the handful of times going there since 07'. This year the place seemed to fill up early as well with quite a few Japanese as well. It was still foreigner central but there were enough Japanese natives around to keep the place interesting.


This year I went with a couple of friends. I dressed up as an engineer from Star Trek the Next Generation. A lot more people than I expected, especially Japanese, seemed to know what I was. I was expecting to be fairly unnoticed because of how nerdy and specific my costume was but was happy to find myself in many shots with other guests.

I didn't make it to the Rink this year. The Rink is another nearby bar that holds similar events as the Vault. I actually prefer the Rink's atmosphere to the Vault's except that it's much smaller and the unisex toilet is always crowded providing no relief for the bladder shy. This may or may not be the case now, as it’s been a couple years since the last time I’ve been there. Things change slow in Japan so I figure it’s probably just as I remember it.


Anyhow this year's Halloween party at the vault was great fun. I wish Halloween was always on a Friday night so I could party all night without worrying about going into work the next day. Having to throw a Halloween party the weekend before the real night is a real shame because it kind of kills the feeling a little for me.


If you live in Yamanashi and you're close enough to Kofu, I highly suggest checking out the vault even when it's not a holiday season. They've got plenty of imports on hand to satisfy your homesickness for tasty beer. Heck even their locally brewed stuff is pretty good but I'll save that for a separate entry.

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