Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year 2014! Tokyo, Asakusa, Akihabara


World and political issues aside, we survived Nostradamus and the Mayan Apocalypse of 2013. Life goes on and so does mine in Japan. Last summer I made a nice young German friend and we just started doing lots of stuff together. We decided to make a trip out to Tokyo over Golden Week (the few days after new year’s day when everything important in Japan is closed and everywhere is packed with vacationers).

First stop Asakusa:

IMG_20140105_160739 IMG_20140105_160823

I haven’t been to Tokyo to do what I want on my own for years. I actually lost a lot of motivation to go because it takes nearly two hours to get there if I want to save money. Even the express train isn’t that much faster. So I take the highway bus and spend about 3600 yen round trip. Not bad, but a little cramped.

IMG_20140105_153530 IMG_20140105_153649

IMG_20140105_154637 IMG_20140105_155111

IMG_20140105_155322 IMG_20140105_154815

It was my first time in Tokyo over new year’s break so I got to see a lot of places decked out in cool traditional decoration for the new year. There isn’t much more to say about this day in Tokyo besides the fact I prefer driving. Living in the countryside isn’t all that bad after all but it sure is nice to see a real city every once in a while.


Next Stop Akihabara-

IMG_20140105_122031 IMG_20140105_122036IMG_20140105_122122 IMG_20140105_122406IMG_20140105_135556

So much has changed at Akihabara. It has a brand new station layout, it’s still nerdy, but in a far different way. Now it’s all maid cafĂ© and moe anime. No more hole in the wall bizarre atmosphere.

Finally Ueno Park-

IMG_20140105_105729 IMG_20140105_105744IMG_20140105_105822 IMG_20140105_105921IMG_20140105_110420 IMG_20140105_110535IMG_20140105_110940 IMG_20140105_111548IMG_20140105_111803 IMG_20140105_111835IMG_20140105_111904 IMG_20140105_112008IMG_20140105_112205 IMG_20140105_112705IMG_20140105_113121 IMG_20140105_113514IMG_20140105_113620 IMG_20140105_113658