Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow on Valentine’s Day, how thoughtful.


Nature this year is on a roll. It knows I love snow and it gave it to me as a present for Valentine’s day. What made this day even more special was that it was a Friday and I got a half day of work because schools closed early due to the incoming snow storm of which everyone was unprepared for…

But before I get ahead of myself a blog post, let’s start at the beginning. So, the forecast the night before called for snow again. After experiencing what happened a week before on the 9th I was ready with a second shovel for my neighbors just in case. I woke up to some light snow but nothing like the time before so I headed to the mountains for work as usual. I had a somewhat easy time getting to work although on the way up I saw another car had fallen into an open roadside gutter. When I say open gutter, I mean it. These things are 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep or more sometimes. They can swallow a car tire or a bicycle if you’re not careful. Usually these things fill up with leaves but today it was snow. I would've stopped for the lady but she was on the phone standing by her car. I was sure a tow truck was coming for her.


The snow didn’t stop falling and by lunch the teachers at my school had an emergency meeting. They received a city wide warning to close schools for the rest of the day and to be on call for further instructions. So they sent me home after lunch. I had a heck of a time getting down the mountain from my school near lake Chiyoda. I usually take a steep switchback road that goes toward Shosenkyo but had to take the long way back and poke out near Chizuka. It was a very unsafe drive even with my snow tires. I never experienced anything like this before as I had my wipers on full speed trying to clear my vision for the road ahead. It was nearly a whiteout with all the snow coming down. 

IMG_20140214_084556 IMG_20140214_084052

I made it home safely without slipping but I saw tons of stranded vehicles. It appears not many people invest in proper season tires here. This caused all kinds of problems for weeks to come… Maybe they’ll learn their lesson and buy some so they don’t make the roads any more dangerous than they already were.

IMG_20140214_142604 IMG_20140214_144523

I tried digging out the driveway as best I could but the snow kept falling so I gave up and spent the night in my warm apartment watching YouTube expecting the snow storm to subside overnight. I was not prepared for what I saw the next morning…

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