Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snowpocalypse now! Please stop snowing! Halp!


I live in that red circle in the above picture… It was the absolute worst place to be.

After watching an unbelievable amount of snow fall the day and night before, I was unprepared for what I saw in the morning. It was still snowing at 7am and coming down in big fluffy chunks. Everything was covered in a few feet of snow.

The night before-

IMG_20140215_053321 IMG_20140215_053422

Morning after-

IMG_20140215_083325 IMG_20140215_083335

So now this is my new benchmark for snow and I hope I never see a day like this again here. While it was beautiful and serene, it was also a nightmare because the national and local government botched rescue organizations. I could understand some unpreparedness as this is heavy snowfall for anywhere, even places that commonly get snow. But the place where the ball was dropped hardest was not closing the highways and roads the day before, leaving thousands of cars stranded on the highway and free roads which completely cut off Yamanashi from any relief services. It was like having flashbacks from 3/11/2011 after the earthquake and tsunami. All the stores were stripped bare and all the gas stations sold out of gas. It was even worse as if you wanted to get anywhere you’d need to walk it. Nothing was plowed out for at least couple days later.

IMG_20140215_102516 IMG_20140215_102748

The snow was just over my waist and I am a 6 foot tall male. So, yeah it was high. I donned my Mt Fuji snow gear dry suit and started shoveling straight after breakfast. I didn’t stop shoveling till dinner. I even helped the local old folk dig out the driveway and part of the road in front of our homes the next day after spending this day doing my own apartment by myself.

My body ached so much but we got quite a bit done. I ended up shoveling for the week to clear out the rest of the packed snow in the driveway because my idiot neighbors all got stranded away from home and when they did end up coming back they just parked on top of the packed snow making the lot even harder to get in and out of…

IMG_20140215_110113 IMG_20140215_123015

So yeah, no more snow like this please. Once in a lifetime is more than enough and it appears this record snowfall hadn’t fallen for over 100 years. Go figure.

Looks beautiful but sucked to live in…


What it looked like even after a couple days on city roads (left) and highway (right)

IMG_20140217_183445 IMG_20140217_183443

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