Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ooboshi sakura festival in Fujikawa 大法師さくら祭り


After a very chilly and long winter, spring has finally arrived. I haven’t done much to go out and see a few local cherry blossom festivals in a years so I decided to do a long bike ride across town with a friend. If you look at the highlighted route in purple, you’ll find it to be quite a long route indeed.

IMG_20140402_115702 IMG_20140402_122051

I got there about a week before full bloom but it looked nice enough for pictures. It’s a really pretty place at Oboshi with plenty of stands to buy drinks and food and plenty of spots to lay out a picnic blanket and chill with family and friends. Night time viewing is supposed to be pretty nice but I don’t feel like bothering with it as I still have a young son who can’t handle late nights yet.

IMG_20140402_124143 IMG_20140402_130042

I would love to do some more rides like this in the future.

IMG_20140402_141834 IMG_20140402_141905