Thursday, August 28, 2014

General Blog Update [I am still in Japan]


Thanks to an anonymous commenter, I was alerted to the fact that my blog hasn’t been updated since Halloween, LAST YEAR. There have been quite a few interesting things that happened since then and I will be retroactively updating my blog to reflect that.

The reason for not updating is because this blog was originally made for friends and family I know in person. It was always public, and I noticed it does get quite a few hits monthly, mostly for my hiking and happoshu reviews, of which I will be refraining from the latter due to it giving me bad headaches from the low quality liquor.

Anyhow, thanks anonymous reader. I hope you enjoy the new updates coming soon. Here’s to some new posts, cheers!


Since making this post earlier this morning, I have added 9 updates. Basically anything new is between January 2014 up till the date of this post. Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mizugakeyama in Hokutoshi 瑞牆山


I haven’t done any serious hiking since last September when I climbed Mt Fuji. Today I changed that, as my friend invited me to climb with him to the summit of Mizugakeyama in Hokutoshi. There’s a really big, free, parking lot at the head of the trail with restrooms which was nice. Another plus was that the majority of the hike is shaded in a heavy evergreen forest.

IMG_20140819_115703 IMG_20140819_115725

It was a long hike but I feel alright considering I haven't hiked since Mt Fuji last September. I still got a beating by underestimating the trail. The majority of the trail is an uneven, windy slope, full of rocks and large stones. It looks great but takes a toll on my feet even with proper shoes on. My quads felt like someone whacked them with a bat all day, for the next 4 days!

IMG_20140819_131958 IMG_20140819_134517

The last 400 meters or so aren’t too bad but there were a few spots where I had to use climbing ropes/chains that were provided by the city that maintains the trail. The trail its self isn’t that well marked, not because it’s written in Japanese, but more that it’s marked by red ribbons tied to branches on the way up. If you aren’t paying attention, I could see people easily losing their way.

IMG_20140819_134743 IMG_20140819_134422
Alas, there were too many clouds when we reached the summit so we couldn't really see the valley below or Mt Fuji this time. The ironic part was that it was clear once we got back to the car. Well, anyhow it was a great hike. I wonder if I’ll squeeze in another before fall rolls in.